Long-Lasting Plumbing Supplies

Canada Salvage has the largest inventory of plumbing supplies in Windsor, ON. This includes components for all kinds of plumbing systems. We also carry the equipment you can use to fix residential or commercial waterworks. Stop by our shop to see our full stock.

For Plumbers and Builders

Water is life; keep it flowing with dependable plumbing supplies available at our store. We offer durable products to help you install or repair an efficient plumbing system. While our items are offered at low prices, you can expect them to be of remarkable quality. This is because they come from the finest makers in the plumbing industry.

Plumbing supplies we carry include:

  • Chemicals and Compounds

  • Drains and Traps

  • Faucets

  • Hoses and Fittings

  • O-Rings and Seals

  • Pipes and Tubing

  • Pipe Fittings

  • Plumbing Tools and Equipment

  • Struts and Framing

  • Valves

Photo of pluming pipes

For Houses and Businesses

From residential properties to commercial establishments, we have something for each property type. Canada Salvage sells branded plumbing fixtures for indoor and outdoor use. You can find the following items and more in our store.

  • Bath and Shower Fixtures

  • Bathroom Supplies

  • Decorative Fountains

  • Drinking Fountains

  • Pool Equipment and Supplies

  • Sinks and Wash Fountains

  • Toilets and Urinals

For Farms and Industry

Our store carries powerful water pumps. These can be used for different water or liquid-related projects such as draining or filling up a pool. Our pumps also work with the various farm irrigation systems that we also sell.

Do you need to fix leaky pipes? Contact us today at 519-254-5262 to find out what plumbing supplies you will need. We also answer questions via our email at canadasalvage99@gmail.com.