Budget-Friendly Lawn and Garden Supplies

Canada Salvage can help you take care of your garden. We offer residents of Windsor, ON and surrounding areas with superb supplies for your garden or lawn. Our store also carries equipment for landscape artists to beautify terrain.

Seasonal Items

Let us help you make your garden or lawn look its best all year round. Choose from our inventory of seasonal items that are sure to improve the curb appeal of your residential or commercial property! Some of the items we offer include trusty snow shovels and ice scrapers for winter. We also have outdoor decorations for all occasions.

As your primary garden resource, we carry various seeds and seasonal plants. While we do not have an extensive collection, we do stock popular flowers and vegetables. You can also find fertilizers, insecticide, and other gardening essentials in our shop.

A photo of a plant in a pot with gardening supplies near, such as: watering can, pot with dirt, rake and shovels,


Landscaping and Gardening Tools

No matter your skill level, we can help you turn your garden into a majestic sight. We can supply you with top-of-the-line equipment for cultivating or shaping your yard. Products we sell are made by leading manufacturers and are used by gardening experts throughout the country. Gardening gear we have include:

  • Anvil Pruners

  • Ards (Ploughs)

  • Augers (Drills)

  • Averruncators

  • Axes

  • Berry-Picking Rakes

  • Billhooks

  • Blow Torches

  • Broadforks

  • Brush Hooks

  • Chainsaws

  • Coa De Jimas

  • Cultivators

  • Daisy Grubbers

  • Dibbers

  • Digging Sticks

  • Edgers

  • Elec-Traks

  • Foot Ploughs

  • Garden Forks

  • Garden Hoses

  • Grafters

  • Grain Cradles

  • Grass Shears

  • Grass Stitchers

  • Hedge Trimmers

  • Hoes (Tool)

  • Hori-Hori Knives

  • Hose Reels

  • Hoses

  • Irrigation Sprinklers

  • Kaiser Blades

  • Khurpas

  • Kirpis

  • Kunais

  • Lawn Aerators

  • Lawn Mowers

  • Lawn Sweepers

  • Leaf Blowers

  • Loppers

  • Mattocks

  • Pickaxes

  • Pitchforks

  • Post-Hole Diggers

  • Potting Benches

  • Pruning Shears

  • Rakes (Tool)

  • Rhubarb Forcers

  • Riddles (Tool)

  • Sally Saws

  • Scythes

  • Shovels

  • Sokhas

  • Spades

  • Sprinklers

  • String Trimmers

  • Sussex Trugs

  • Taps (Valve)

  • Trowels

  • Watering Cans

  • Weeders

  • Wheelbarrows

  • Wood Chippers

Speak with us today if you have any questions about our garden supplies.
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