Electrical Supplies for Homes and Offices

Regardless if you are working on your child’s science project or installing lights in a new home, we have the electrical supplies that you need. Canada Salvage offers a diverse range of equipment, parts, and materials for electricians and handymen alike. Visit our store in Windsor, ON today to see our full inventory.

For House and Business

In today’s modern world, everything seems to run on electricity. From smart TVs to smartphones, residential and commercial properties are filled with gadgets. This makes repairing and maintaining your home or business’ electrical system a top priority. We offer the following items to help you do this.

  • Adapters

  • Alternative Energy

  • Batteries and Chargers

  • Circuit Breakers

  • Electronics and Appliances

  • Extension Cords

  • Fuses

  • Generators

  • Lighting Fixtures

  • Power Strips

  • Timers

Mobile Gasoline Generator on the Building Site

Renovations and New Constructions

We believe in the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” For this reason, we offer reliable electrical components to contractors. All of the products we carry come from the electric industry’s leading manufacturers. They are also priced competitively to help you save money.

  • Buttons

  • Conduits

  • Dimmers

  • Door Chimes

  • Electrical Boxes

  • Electrical Fittings

  • Fasteners

  • Receptacles

  • Switches

  • Wall Plates

  • Wires

Close-up of woman pressing the button of a doorbell on a brick wall

Repairs and Projects

Working with electricity is incredibly dangerous. Get one measurement wrong and you can end up with more than just a fried circuit board. Ensure your tools and testers are of superior quality by getting it from us. We can also supply you with materials that will make your repair or project work out flawlessly.

  • Connectors

  • Electrical Tape

  • Plugs

  • Testers

  • Tools

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