The Hardware Store Every Community Needs

Based in Windsor, ON, Canada Salvage is a hardware store that specializes in customer-centric services and exceptional products. Read on to learn more about our business and the people behind it. You can also discover why we are often featured in the Windsor Star for the past 55 years.

Our History

Canada Salvage is a true family-owned and -operated business. Established 75 years ago by Elphy Chapieski, we have always been “your neighborhood hardware store.” Today, we are managed by Wayne Chapieski and his brother, ready to serve you at 1262 Ottawa St.

Come, See Us First

Here in our store, we offer the best, personalized service. From providing expert advice to helping you rebuild what you have, we can help you. That is why our customers tell us nearly a hundred times a week, “You guys were my last hope, and you came through. Thanks.” If you want your project to succeed, come, see us first.

Services You Can Rely On

Wayne and his brother have been in the business for a long time. They have worked hard to make sure that we are the neighborhood’s premier hardware store. This was done by building trusted relationships with our customers, and going the extra mile. Our owners are here every day, working on the floor, and overseeing everything.

We have a running joke with a lot of our customers, and that is, “If we can’t get it, you don’t need it!” Our store takes pride in finding that obsolete one-of-a-kind discontinued item. Call us today and bring in your problem; put us to the test!

Contact us at 519-254-5262 for more information about our hardware store.
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